Madie is capable of doing some pretty amazing skills! You can see a breakdown of her routines below and also find out some skills that Madie is working on.

Yurchenko Layout Full

Working On: Yurchenko Double Full

kip, cast to handstand, toe-shoot to handstand, toe-shoot to high bar, kip, cast to handstand, giant 1/2 pirouette, piked yeger release, kip, cast to handstand, giant full pirouette, overshoot to handstand on low bar, kip, cast to handstand, toe shoot to high bar, kip, cast to handstand, free hip to handstand, giant, giant, full twisting double back dismount

Working On: shaposhnikova, free hip full

front aerial, sheep jump; full turn; switch leap, back tuck; back handspring, back layout stepout; back pike; aerial; punchfront; split jump, sissone; roundoff, 2.5 twist dismount

Working On: front toss (piked position), arabian, full twisting swing down, double turn, triple full dismount, front aerial to a scale

roundoff, back handspring, double pike
roundoff, 1.5 twist, roundoff back handspring, 2.5 twist
front full
roundoff, back handspring, triple twist

Working On: double double, double arabian, front full to front double