Geralen "Lou" Stack-Eaton's Official Website

September 2001

When did you move to Parkettes and what gym did you train at before you came to Parkettes?
"I moved to Parkettes in June of 2001 and I came from Ricochets Gymnastics."

How do you like training at Parkettes?
"I love training at Parketees, it's so fun!"

In your opinion, what makes Parkettes such a great gym?
"The atmosphere is better and the coaches understand your problems."

What is it like training with some of the top gymnasts in the country?
"It's cool because I never thought that I would train with great gymnasts like Kristal Uzelac, Tia Orlando, and Brooke Borso."

What is your favorite thing about gymnastics?
"I like doing flips and twists and stuff like that!"

What has being a gymnast taught you?
"That you can go anywhere if you just believe you can do it."

Besides gymnastics, what do you like to do in your spare time?
"I like to dance, sing, and play soccer."

If you had one wish, what would it be?
"To be a millionaire!"

What are your goals in gymnastics?
"To try and go to the Olympics."

When will you be testing elite?
"This season."

Who do you like up to as role models in life and gymnastics?
"I look up to Kristal Uzelac and Tia Orlando."

What advice would you give to up-and-coming gymnasts?
"You don't always have good days and you shouldn't get upset because if you didn't make any mistakes then you would be perfect and you should learn from your mistakes!"