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Last Updated: December 19, 2009
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Geralen "Lou" Stack-Eaton is a very talented Senior International Elite gymnast training at Parkettes Gymnastics in Allentown, PA. Parkettes is a very prestigious gym that has produced many greats throughout the years, including 2000 Olympian Kristen Maloney. Lou is hoping to follow in her footsteps and make her own Olympic appearance at the 2008 Olympic Games. She really started to make name for herself in 2007 with a 6th place finish at the U.S. Championships. Lou impressed many by qualifying to the USA Senior National Team and earned herself an international assignment as well.
The next Olympics are approaching quickly and it is a tough journey to get there but this website was opened to support Lou in her journey and notify fans about her. Lou has also earned herself a full scholarship to the University of Alabama where she will begin to compete in 2008. This is Lou's Official Website, the only website on the internet authorized by Lou herself; just keep in mind that none of the contents on this website can be used without permission. Thanks for your support, please sign the guestbook before you leave!

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