Geralen "Lou" Stack-Eaton's Official Website

Color: Pink

Gymn Event: "Depends on the day!"

Number: 44

TV Show: Gossip Girl and Spongebob Squarepants

Actor: "I have LOTS!"

Actress: "Katie Bosworth... but lots more too!"

Gymnast: "I like them all."

Food: "Pizza and cheesefries along with cheeseburgers! And lots more!"

Drink: Sierra Mist, Pepsi, Coca Cola, C2

Type of Music: "Pop, rap, and any other kind besides country!"

Singers: Kanye West and 50 Cent

Subject: Science

Quote: "One team one dream."

Person She'd Like to Meet: 50 Cent

Place She's Been: "Californa, Florida, Ohio, France, Texas, Chicago, Mexico, Boston, Virginia, Maryland, Wisconsin.... and maybe more but I can't think of them!!"

Career she would like to go into: Meteorologist