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"I am 19 years old and I have two older siblings. I have a brother who is 23 and his birthday is July 19; his name is Ryan. He attends school at United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, N.Y. It is a regimented school but he doesn't mind. He's majoring in engineering. It is very hard but he is sticking with it. I also have a sister who is 28 and her birthday is January 23. She is a pharmacist and works at Eckerd. She is also expecting a baby boy in May, I am so excitied!! I will be an Aunt! She is happily married to Jeffery Mischler. They've been married since June 29, 2003. My mom is 57 and her name is Susan. Her birthday is September 22. She works at St.Alphonsus school and is a music teacher. She is also a full time mom with me! My dad would have been 50 this past year but he died on December 14, 2003 on his birthday, unfortunaly. But we are strong and will work through it. But that is a part of my family and hope you enjoyed what I have just told you. Thanks for you time."
-Geralen "Lou" Stack-Eaton

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